Format: Short distance

Date, Location & Start times:

Sunday 15 Jan 2023 PM: Coningham (2.00 PM)

Monday 16 Jan 2023 AM: Tolosa Park (9.00 AM)

Monday 16 Jan 2023 PM: Geilston Gully (2:00 PM)

Tuesday 17 Jan 2023 AM:  Waterworks (9.00 AM)

Tuesday 17 Jan 2023 PM: Calverts Beach (2.00 PM)

Wednesday 18 Jan 2023 AM: Queens Domain (9.00 AM)

Planner: Bert Elson

Courses: Hard, moderate and easy courses will be available

Mapper: Various

Scale & Contour interval: Various

Maps:  All maps are preloved.

Enter on the Day: A limited number of maps will be available

Dogs: No dogs are permitted at the events, including the assembly areas. This is a strict requirement of our landholders.