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Our last Oceania/World Cup carnival in 2015 saw some very disappointed competitors who wished they had pre-purchased the sought-after Oceania souvenir top!

Two tops on offer! Look the part as you enjoy what Tassie has to offer!

Buy our souvenir Bryzos OTop – a technical sports shirt made of 100% polyester, with advanced moisture management functions. The fabric keeps you comfortably cool even in the most extreme environment like Tassie! Treated with Scotchgard Protector – it has a sweat-wicking technology for maximum comfort and easy washing. Two colours to choose from for only $60.00 each! More detail is on the O Top Sizing Guide.


Our organising team will be dressed in a royal blue carnival T-Shirt (go team!)

But don’t be jealous! If a T-shirt is more to your liking, we have decided to offer a T-shirt as a souvenir as well!

Carnival Director Chris Brown says, “You will never wear a more comfortable T-shirt” The Sim Crawcour (Aussie owned and family operated) T-shirt will be a hit! 80% fully combed cotton, 20% poly, 155gsm weight, they come in a relaxed fit, straight cut, built for comfort. ‘Jeans grey’ colour for all adults and Fuchsia in women’s & kid’s styles. We’ve also a special 100% cotton in black for the kids - a perfect reminder of your time at Tassie’s Oceania Carnival. On sale for $27 - $29 each!

t shirts


Women’s Sizes - 8/XS 10/S 12/M 14/L 16/XL

Men’s Sizes - S M L XL XXL

Kid’s Sizes - 2 4 6 8 10 12 14

More detail is on the T Shirt Sizing Guide

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Orders must be made through Eventor by Monday November 14! Don’t be disappointed!!