Status: Oceania Orienteering Championship Event

Date: January 12, 2023

Location: Argonaut Rd, St Helens

Terrain: Historical tin mining and granite spur gully

Planner: David Marshall

Controller: Randall Hope

IOF Adviser: TBC

Mapper: Original Fieldwork by Mike Morffew, Kjell Melander, Arto Rautiainen, J├Ârgen Fors, 1991. Cartography Mike Morffew. Updated Paul Pacque & Mike Morffew

Scale & Contour interval: 1:10000 and 2.5m

Old Map Link

Enter on the Day: None  

Embargoes: See Article

Dogs: No dogs are permitted at the events, including the assembly areas. This is a strict requirement of our landholders.